maybe the best deal i’ve ever found

i’m super excited to post this even thought i just said how much i hate packing and moving i have been itching to get on a plane and go somewhere.

i just love chelsea’s blog and especially her travel posts. but this post (and a crummy morning at work) got me looking to see if i could find any great deals overseas. i have some friends in england, france, holland, prague and germany and since i didn’t have any set dates i needed to stick to i just looked and looked and looked using various sites and airlines and dates and i found an amazing deal.

i could fly from los angeles to norway in november for $344. round trip. after taxes. non stop! i can barely fly from salt lake city to santa barbara for that much. anyway then from norway i can take norwegian, or easy jet or bmi to connect within europe. i’m super excited!

i should say that that wonderfully inexpensive ticket doesn’t include any checked bags or meals, but still. i’m a pro at packing snacks and have a very large purse so i should be all set.

you should definitely check out all of chelsea’s tips for finding good deals on airfare. do you have any tips for finding great deals on flights? where are you dying to go? photos: thomas preyer


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