tiptoeing back

i logged back into my blog this morning for the first time in months. what a sad blog it’s turned into. that was never my intention. if i were a lot braver i’d tell you everything that happened. but i’m not. but today i will tell you happy things. i am sitting at a friends house in front of wide open windows with the nicest breeze blowing in. there are big green trees outside and the neighborhood looks so peaceful. you may have seen me mention on twitterthat i moved back to utah. through friends and blessings and a little serendipity i found a teeny, tiny house in salt lake. it’s just perfect for harlow and me. i’m not joking when i say it’s teeny. but the yard is big and there are two giant old trees and well, it just feels right and good. my friend billie and her family have been so generously letting harlow and i live in her basement while we wait for the house to be ready. harlow loves having a 2 year old to play with. i like it too. i’m going back to california this weekend for a few days with the johnson family. they’ve been the biggest support and strength to me while i’ve struggled through this last year. i cannot wait to see them. and shaylyn and her husband are back in town for a few weeks and i’m loving every second i get to spend with them. i can’t wait to get settled into salt lake and into my new home. and i can’t wait to share photos with you. i hope i can create a beautiful home on very little budget.


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