taking a break

maybe it will just be for a few days, maybe a few months. i really don’t know. for the last week i’ve had to deal with something too personal and too painful to post on here.

::edited:: because nothing seems like the right thing to say.

i hate the way i’m feeling right now. i don’t want to see the world as ugly and hateful but right now it doesn’t seem like such a nice place.

on a more positive note i’m so grateful for the power of prayer and for loving friends.


8 thoughts on “taking a break

  1. I hope life settles down for you quickly, Vanessa. I'm sad that it's not been treating you so kindly. I'd punch life in the teeth for you if I could.

  2. goodness this makes me curious as a cat. but i respect the need for privacy and your own way of dealing with “it”. but don't stay away too long. We just love you too much!

  3. Thinking of you and wishing you well, Vanessa. Take your time. Life has its ebb and flow and I think most can relate to how you're feeling. We'll all be waiting patiently. Take good care of yourself.

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