i have running water again
and plumbing
i never want to not have running water and/or plumbing agin.
harlow has doggie body spray… why wouldn’t you want a dog that smells like vanilla cupcakes??
i’m looking forward to driving to utah to see friends
i think a 15 + hour drive will be good for me
i’m currently wearing hot pink tights under my pj pants for no other reason than pure laziness
and watching “untamed heart” on netflix instant view
i love harlow so much
i am secretly loving this fall-ish weather we’ve been having
but don’t tell anyone because this is cali and we’re supposed to like sunshine all the time
did i mention i’m going to vancouver this fall
i’m so excited to finally meet pia
i’ve been listening to songs for may over and over again
i’ve lost my camera battery and charger. they’ve run off together and i miss them something awful
i realize it’s been a long time since i’ve used my polaroid camera
this must be remedied
i got to substitute for my old primary class last week and they cheered. i felt like a rockstar
i painted my nails mint green and liked it
i’m not ready for this week
i really hope i win jordan’s giveaway
did i mention i’ve started a raw diet? it’s been about two weeks
i was going to post about it today but i cheated big time…
i’ll tell you about it tomorrow

photo by elise.blaha


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