the "d" word and loving you

call it a diet, call it detox… whatever it is i’m doing it. i’m jumping back into doing what i did last year and we’ll see how it goes. i’m been sugar/carb free for two whole days and haven’t lost it so that’s good. of course that may just be because since i’m drinking a gallon + of water everyday i’m distracted by my bladder. but so far so good.

this isn’t my first attempt at changing my eating habits and maybe it won’t be my last. some of it’s worked, some hasn’t. some of it has made me feel good and some of it has sent me head first into a bowl of ice cream. but this time feels different. maybe i’m more “ready” for change but also, i think i’ve learned a thing or two.

if you’re changing any habit (eating, smoking, spending, whatever) i think a lot of your success it determined by your own way of thinking. i’m not an expert (clearly) but this is what i think.

changing yourself shouldn’t be a form of punishment. purging your closets simply because you feel guilty about shopping won’t make you feel better. changing your eating habits because you’ve been calling yourself “lazy”, or “greedy”, or “a slacker” is a set up. you’ll end up rebelling against yourself.

i know me. i know my hair is frizzy more often than not. i know i almost always have circles under my eyes. i know i’m not skinny. but i also know i have worth. i know i am a child of god. i know my body (wobbly bits and all) is a gift.

so while i am embracing this change, i’m doing it because i like me. i want to take care of me.

i hope you take care of you too.

and if you have any heathy recipes you’d care to share i’d love to hear them. xo

photo by jen gotch


4 thoughts on “the "d" word and loving you

  1. Good for you. Not because you NEED to or anything. I've just started the same sort of thing. I've posted some recipes (and hope to continue to) on my personal blog if you want to have a look.

  2. I've just recently started gaining weight left and right and am realizing I need to start watching what I eat. Instead of thinking of this as a diet, I am trying to educate myself about the foods I eat and make better (but still delicious) choices! It's a lifestyle change and it's not an easy one!

    Best of luck to you!

  3. You GO girl! Great post :) I like your motivation :)

    Have you tried hummus? I notice that when I eat lil' plates of various veggies that I feel like I am eating more… if I dip red pepper slices, cucumbers, celery, carrots, cherry tomatoes etc in either hummus or some type of salad dressing & also have a big glass o-water I feel pretty good & healthy.

    I also treat myself to Pellegrino or seltzer water with lemon, lime or raspberries. Makes me feel like I'm drinking a soda but it actually is just water :)

  4. I agree completely! Changing your diet is always easier when you're doing it for yourself than for other people.

    I'm in the same boat right now, trying to just eat healthier or at least exercise or something. I really like baked nut butter parsnip fries. They are my favorite right now and fill me up.

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