i love love!

i know i’m a day late but i’ve been sick. i hope you had a beautiful day filled with love – whether it’s romantic, friend, family, nature, music, puppy, kitty, artistic. whatever it is i hope you love you!

and here’s a little more belated valentine’s day love:

i wish i’d thought of this

a new hoodie with a wee heart from max wanger

in the running for the world’s greatest love story (thanks for tweeting annabela)

a little baby/belly love song from rachel and grant to their little one.

red + pink + white on hi + low (thanks for the link bri

and ps,

thanks for the heartfelt comments to my very frustrated, not so attractive post. a good friend reminded me of a favorite quote: “Comparison is the thief of joy.” hands off my joy universe!

photo by jen gotch


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