make me shine

I’ve really been learning that I have to choose to believe that it is not my clothes or my hair or my makeup that is going to make me shine.
-Bethany Galeotti


11 thoughts on “make me shine

  1. I spelled anonymous wrong…to read ANNOYNOMOUS! How appropriate. People who pick on others via blogs are pretty immature – don't you think? Find a blog you like then and leave this one alone.

  2. I'd love to see if that person had a blog so I could tear it apart… actually I'm sure they lack creative vision. Your blog is awesome Vanessa!!! Ew negative people are so L-A-M-E-OOOOOO

  3. I am pretty sure that people are allowed to write whatever they want on their own blogs, and you write nice things. Maybe that person accidently wrote that on your blog when they were trying to post it to their own. Either way, dumb.

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