This post is late… but not because I’m not thankful.

I’m thankful for big things: for a Heavenly Father who loves me everyday, for the freedoms I enjoy a citizen of the United States, for good friends and my family, for a car that is paid off and runs, for my health, for a steady income, for the opportunities I’ve had to travel and for my faith.

And for the little things: for hot showers, contact lenses, flat irons, cell phones and cameras. For the fun people I’ve met through twitter and blogs (like Naomi, Rachel, Nicole, Helene… who are all amazingly talented. And the ones I’ll meet soon). For big down comforters and fluffy pillows and warm socks. For fresh pomegranates and figs and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.

I am so thankful!

photo belongs to alicia bock


2 thoughts on “thankful

  1. this is beautiful! i just stumbled upon your lovely blog and i'm your newest, most excited follower!

    i LOVE that you listed your heavenly father first in your list of thankfuls, for without Him we would have so little. love it.

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