brown’s a color right?

A few weeks ago my best 5 yr old friend, Camryn, said, “Vanessa why don’t you wear colors?” When I ask what she meant she said that I always wear black and brown.

Haha… busted!

I like black. It’s easy and I think it looks good. Coco Chanel loved black so it can’t be that bad.

And I’m a big fan of charcoal grey.

But brown… I have a deep love for brown. I swear my heart does a little pitter patter when I see a certain shade of brown. It sort of a bloomed chocolate kind of color. Like this Chloé bag I got awhile ago. If you don’t know what bloomed chocolate is then you clearly didn’t spend many of your younger years working at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.

But Camryn is right. I’d been thinking it for awhile now. I. need. more. color.

My new favorite color (okay 2nd favorite, I still love brown) is yellow. That’s right, yellow. Well more of a mustard yellow. I know that’s a pretty big leap from all brown/black but I’m obsessed. And I’m not stopping there… red, blue, green, pink… !! And I might be throwing a print or two in the mix.

I don’t anticipate doing any outfit posts soon… while because it is a big deal to me, it’s kinda silly. And because I lack the courage. But I’ll tell you…

I snagged these Seychelles heels on sale at Nordstroms.

And this cardigan from Target.

A cute, girly top.

Green sunglasses! (baby steps here people)

A striped skirt… which I’m still working up the confidence to wear.

And a bright colored v neck or two.

Another pretty cardi.

A fun red coat … as soon as it goes on sale.

Not to mention a fun red lipstick

and all the colored tights you could want.

And here are some of my favorite bloggers who aren’t afraid to wear color (and look gorgeous doing it):

Erin of Design for Mankind

Naomi of the Rockstar Diaries

Stacey of Love & Photographs

Jessica of What I Wore

photo credit: Jen Gotch


4 thoughts on “brown’s a color right?

  1. Brown is definitely a colour, just maybe not to a 5 year old.
    And both brown and grey look ace with a mustard yellow, so you were just creating a good base, right? x

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