I was looking through my journal for a quote I knew I’d written down sometime in the last 3 years and realized it was a next to impossible task. Then I was going through Google reader and there it was:

“Learn to value yourself, which means: fight for your happiness.” – Ayn Rand

And also I’m giving my notice on Tuesday.

Our CEO left for Italy on Friday… I didn’t plan it to quit while he was gone though.. I swear.

I’m nervous… I’ve never really just quit…

I’m excited.

I’m scared.

I’m ready.

You have it in writing now.


Can I quit by text message?

photo by Coquinete


9 thoughts on “fight

  1. are you giving any notice or are you just quitting that day and never returning? just wondering! giving a notice is best since it's hard to use someone as a reference when you don't, since they usually despise you for doing so. ha! if i'm being a giant MOTO, sorry! :) best wishes! xx

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