friday… finally

I hope you’re all doing at least one thing this weekend that makes you crazy happy.

Somethings that have made me crazy happy lately? I’ll tell you:

I don’t know how I didn’t tell you this… or maybe I did and I’m losing my mind… anyway…

A few weeks ago I got to assist Rachel Thurston shoot a wedding at the Biltmore in Santa Barbara. It was awesome. I was so impressed working with her and the wedding was beautiful and it was a blast! Thanks Rachel!

This recipe for banana pudding is calling to me.

I want a little lamb of my very own.

And this etsy shop is pretty cool. (thanks Suann!)

The new album from Arcade Fire.

My sister gave me a 6 months subscription to Netflix…. uh oh!

And Fieryeyed’s shop update is so good. I want to buy one of each.

Other non-internet related things that are making me crazy happy include: Harlow (duh), the sunny weather we’ve been having, going to the temple, a friend asking me to take some family pictures for her, my nephew’s upcoming 5th birthday…

Life is sweet. See you Monday!

photo by littlemisspatricia


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