confessions on a tuesday

I consider myself a true Californian, but want to abdicate when it gets over 90 degrees. It was 107 today… no good.

I’ve never had a professional pedicure. Ever.

I’m completely addicted to Twitter… and Angry Birds.

Every morning I fight a ruthless battle with my alarm clock.

I just got called as a Nursery worker at church … and I MISS my 5 year olds so much.

I always watch way too much Law & Order and lately my dreams are full of creepstars.

Lately all I want to eat is cheddar cheese and fresh tomatos. And figs. I always want figs.

I fell in love with this little lady.

My friends’ mothers are all threatening me with blind dates. Meanies.

When Harlow does her little puppy snort/sigh I DIE. I really hope my kids are this cute.

Okay, since I’m confessing… I should admit that Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food to the list of things I want to eat.

photo by me


3 thoughts on “confessions on a tuesday

  1. I love that photo!

    I agree about Phish Food. It's my fave B&J's. I also love figs, and made a great fig ice cream a few weeks ago. I miss CA–it's my homestate, too. Today was our first non-100+ day in over 20 days :( I've also seen each episode of SVU and Criminal Intent, but the original L&O bores me.

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