plane clothes

I love airports. Even if I have to hang out there for a few hours I generally don’t mind it because it’s the start of something fun. It’s an excuse to eat McDonald’s, people watch and watch movies on my laptop. All good stuff.

But the part about traveling I still haven’t figured out is what to wear on the plane. I’ve done jeans/flip flops/hoodies. I’ve done long comfy dresses, I’ve done sweatpants and tshirts, I’ve done skirts/sandals/sweaters…

and it all ends up the same. I get off the plane looking like a used dish rag.

Even if I make a pit stop in the ladies’ before I leave the airport I still can’t seem to get it together after a 12 hour flight. And yet somehow I’m always on a plane full of people (men and women) who look like they’re about to be in a commercial for ice cold milk or Ivory soap or something.

Don’t even get me started on what to pack…

So what do you wear when you fly?


6 thoughts on “plane clothes

  1. For me, comfort is key, but it's good to wear something that will do well en flight. I usually wear a simple 3/4 length t-shirt or casual blouse that won't get wrinkled too badly, comfortable trousers that will hold up, and shoes that I can slide off–but real shoes, not anything that exposes my feet to the elements if I'm wearing them. I keep myself hydrated, wear a sleeping mask for long flights, listen to good music (etymotic headphones are worth the money!), moisturize regularly on the plane (with unscented cremes to prevent upsetting aroma-sensitive folks), and make sure I always have lip balm. If you want to jazz yourself up for deboarding, pack a light scarf in your carry on to put on for deplaning. Bon voyage!

  2. PS. The 3/4 length is for sleeves, not the shirt itself! LOL I get cold on planes, so short sleeves don't work for me. However, a short sleeved shirt under a pullover may work if it's hot/cold on the plane.

  3. i don't care about what you decide to wear, as long as you don't walk through the "take off your shoes" part of security barefoot. do you realize how many people walk through there daily? yikes. so sick!

  4. I worked in the airport for three years, have traveled extensively (mostly to Spain since I worked for Iberia), and I think I have "plane clothes" down. The important thing is to layer — soft, wrinkle-free/stain-resistant pants are the best. Camisoles are great, and work well under jackets or cardigans. By all means do take a jacket as some planes can get quite cold. As for shoes, I love me a good, comfy loafer, preferably something a little worn in. In addition, I recommend bringing hand and face moisturizer, along with chapstick, on the plane as the trip can sometimes wreak havoc with your skin. As for hair, I sometimes like to pull it up in a bun for the flight, that way when I bring it back down again after landing, I have great volume and bounce.Enjoy your trip! :-)

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