Rockstar – Ballerina – Cop

I’ve been on a packing/tossing/organizing kick lately and I came across my first grade journal. Such a treasure! If my scanner wasn’t being so disagreeable I’d scan a few pages for you.

I had quite an array of intrests…

I wrote about my cats: Cinderella and Tequila.

I wrote about the time my mom made cookies and forgot the sugar. I can still remember thinking this was the most hilarious thing EVER.

I wrote about my imaginary trip to Disneyland.

I wrote that when I grew up I was going to be a “rockstar, cop and ballerina”. I guess even back then I was all about balance.

I wrote about my “husband” and where that we were going to live in a “pink house with lots of good stuff”.

It was fun to look back through the pages written in big colorful crayon letters. Right now being a rockstar/ballerina/cop sounds like a lot of work though so I’m going to take a nap.

photo credit: Lissy Elle


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