my brave little soldier

I took Harlow to get spayed yesterday. It was a very emotional day – for both of us. I was up most of the night before wondering if anyone had ever invented doggy birth control and wondering (if there was such a thing) if I’d remember to give it to her every day.

She was so cheerful and sweet on our way to the vet’s. But when I picked her up… oh the sadness. I’m not going to lie. I got a little teary eyed when I saw her. She was a wilted little thing of a pup with a scar and goop in her eyes. The vet said not to be surprised if she started snapping at me and was a little stand-offish. So not the case with my little pup – she was super dopey and cuddly and whimpered for a little while when we got home but spent the rest of the day sleeping on my lap.

I know I sound so silly but honestly … ugh! I’m not good at being around sick people or sick puppies. The vet said Shih Tzu’s are particularly sensitive to anesthetic and to keep an eye on her. And now I have to worry things like scars and infections and the cone head and blah, blah, blah…

If you need me I’ll be home fretting over Harlow.


One thought on “my brave little soldier

  1. I felt like I was betraying our cats when I took them for that. I still feel slightly guilty and it was over two years ago. I hope Harlow feels better soon.

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