happy birthday to me

Happy Birthday to ME!

My day started with my best friend’s little girl calling my cell phone and singing “Happy Birthday” to me so sweetly. I wish I could have recorded it because I’d listen to it every day. She reminded me it was her dog, Fish’s, birthday too. Happy Birthday Fishy!

And then after talking to Chelsea I realized that I am actually a year YOUNGER than I thought! Who does that? Who forgets how old they are?? Me apparently. Thank goodness for friends who can add. It’s extra good because I like even numbers better anyway.

The day is just getting better and better… which means it’s been a very good day!

Happy my birthday to all of you too. Have a wonderful weekend!

image via i believe in smiles


8 thoughts on “happy birthday to me

  1. WHEW! Just in the nick o' time! I'm always late on the draw with this stuff so… HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Though I'm guessing you might forget that this wish was left for you? Poor thing. ;)

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