life lessons

If you run to the post office sweats thinking you’re safe from being seen because it’s a) raining b) it’s the middle of the day c) you never see anyone you know at the post office… you’d be wrong.

You will actually run into your ex’s mom that you haven’t seen in months and she will want to stand there and catch up with you..

And while you are standing there trying not to think about the little muddy paw print on your sweats or your very frizzy hair, or how you’re wearing your old glasses, she will be impeccably dressed and beautiful as always. She will also be very warm and sweet making you feel like a rat because all you can think about is how you can get away.

Lesson learned: I’m never leaving the house in sweats again.

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6 thoughts on “life lessons

  1. Thank you for the early morning laugh!! I can just picture the scene. I have decided I will not wear my sweats out today….for any reason. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. So typical…You always run into someone when you're not counting on it or hope that no one will see you. I'm surprised you've never had that happen to you, walking Harlow early in the morning. Nothing better then standing in your jammies in the middle of the road bright and early…

  3. this post me laugh, not at your expense, but because i know exactly what you mean. for me it's always an ex-teacher i never really liked in the aisles of a pharmacy when i'm picking up cold medicine. :)xo Alison

  4. First, I want to thank you for saving me. I was just about to go run some errands wearing my sweat pants, but i feel like i should change now…..just incase. However,I dont feel the need to change because like you said…its raining and nobody will see me.
    The trick I use when im too lazy to change or my hair is going nuts, is the old hat trick. A baseball cap shadows your face so people cant reconize you. Just yesterday i walked by my bestfriend wearing a NY mets baseball hat, and she didnt say anything. works every time. ;)

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