I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. I love Easter SO much. Plus it was General Conference weekend. Double win.

To make the weekend even better my cousin Deana and her kiddos (the bobbleheads as she calls them) were in town for Easter and an early birthday and of course my cutest niece and nephew are here now. Harlow was in heaven with lots of little toes to chase, I was up to my eyeballs in cake baking (and spatula licking) and the sun was busy shining.

My favorite things about the weekend:

General Conference talks

Little 3 yr old Paisley telling me, “Carlos is a pre coot little goggie”
(I may change Harlow’s name to Carlos)

Maxtin who’s 4 getting very excited at the thought of helping me clean my room and finally exclaiming, “I’ll be your hero!

Playing chess with my nephew Triston who’s 9 and awesome.

Alexis telling me she named her goldfish Aunt Vanessa.

Getting Harlow a pair of shoes and watching her walk (and admit defeat) in them. I have a video somewhere. It’s laugh out loud funny.

Realizing I bought my dog shoes… oh dear.

Yummy, yummy dinners with family.

A long talk with my dad.

Flowers blooming all over the place.

It was a perfectly perfect weekend.

ps – Sorry I am so lame at posting photos. I did take a few Polaroids but my scanner and I are fighting.

photo by FuturoWoman. Check out her shop


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