little letters

Dear lung infection,
I will not miss you even a little bit.

Dear Harlow,
Sorry I missed your birthday. Don’t be sad. I’ll make it up to you.

Dear sweet niece and nephew,
Thanks for moving close by. Being Aunt Vanessa is way better than being regular Vanessa.

Dear Kyle and Mark,
Thanks for coming to visit. I love you SO much.

Dear sunshine-y weather,
Love you!

Dear people who think it’s annoying when I talk to my dog,
It’s WAY more annoying when you answer for her.

Dear frizzy hair (mine),
Calm the heck down.

Dear self,
Calm the heck down too.

Dear Corey,
I’ll always miss you

Dear Facebook,
It’s the random notes from my mission President that keep us together.

Dear Impossible Project,
Can’t wait for the new film to arrive.

image found via You Are My Fave


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