heading out

I am heading down to LA this weekend for a four day weekend. Four days off IN A ROW. You guys! This NEVER happens. Sorry, I’ll stop talking in caps. I’m just excited. Clearly I spend way too much time at work.

I’m going to take this class with Helen. Macarons, anyone?

And hopefully I’ll meet up with Alyssa and get to hang out for awhile. (ps You should totally check her out.)

And of course I’ll go to the LA Temple – my most favorite place in Los Angeles. My most favorite place anywhere.

Other than that I will probably just putz around with friends, shop, eat, and take lots of pictures. I won’t be in LA for all four days I don’t think. Sometimes a day at home is what a girl need.

And who are we kidding – I can’t stay away from Harlow for that long.

Have a lovely weekend!

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2 thoughts on “heading out

  1. have fun!! everyone hearts a long weekend. pleasepleaseplease do a post on what you learn in that amazing macaron class! i've tried making them a few times (they're one of my faves) and i totally suck….

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