lost things

Mondays, do you love them? I usually do since I don’t have to work on Mondays. But alas, today, I did. I woke up late. No time for puppy playing, no time for breakfast and if I’m 100% honest, no time for a shower. Eww, right? Sorry. But to make up for it I’ll share this with you:

A lovely little stop motion video by Angela and her boyfriend Ithyle made for Allison of A Fine Frenzy. I hope it makes your Monday a little cheerier.


5 thoughts on “lost things

  1. What an awesome video! I love A Fine Frenzy. And for the record, my favorite day of the week is Saturday. Mondays I don't like much, and Sundays just depress me, but Saturday is the perfect day — it's cushioned by Friday and Sunday and is made for sleeping in and lazing out. :)

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