blogging it forward

I’m very excited to be a part of Blog it Forward. The idea came from the Victoria as a way of sharing love and inspiration with fellow bloggers. Nancy has passed the torch on to me and so it is my turn to share with you what inspires me.



I love my magical little camera(s). Taking pictures of the world around me is eye-opening. My camera is teaching me to see beauty everywhere.


I find so much inspiration in music. It calms me down, lifts me up, motivates me when I’m feeling lazy and smoothes my soul when weary. Right now I’m loving:
The National
Coeur de Pirate


My favorite time of day is probably about an hour before the sun sets when everything is winding down for the day. When the whole world mellows and gets a little quieter and everything is tinged with gold. That’s when I can think, walk, sit outside and find some stillness.


I love to be going somewhere. Honestly I think I get inspired just by packing my bags. Whether I’m going to Utah or London or Minnesota or Mexico it’s always an adventure and a change of pace. I love the anticipation of leaving my daily life behind, even if it’s only for a weekend. I hope to travel a lot this year – as much as possible.


I am a collector of words. I have notebooks full of quotes, stories, and poems that have at one time or another been an meaningful to me.


I can’t tell you what my faith does for me. I don’t know enough words to tell you how it restores my soul and strengthens my heart. It makes me a better person, a better friend, a better daughter. I love my Heavenly Father so. The knowledge that I am his daughter and that is love for me is unconditional a blessing I don’t think I could live without.

Tomorrow please be sure to check out Polka Dot Robot.

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Thank you Victoria for putting this together and having me as a participant.

I hope you are all finding inspiration in your own lives.



8 thoughts on “blogging it forward

  1. I love that photo of the sheet music– I find musical notation so inspiring. Coeur de Pirate is one of my favourites, my sister got a chance to see her in Quebec last year and I am insanely jealous. Great blog-it-forward!

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