birds of a feather flocking together at Anthropologie

I’m obsessed with these giant birds (made out of rolled up newspapers)that have been on display at the Anthropologie store in Santa Barbara. I was invited to be a part of their one year anniversary celebration on Thursday evening. They’re are celebrating one year at their new location. These beauties are being auctioned off at the party. I’m not going to lie… my first thought was “Where could I put one?” But alas, there will be no giant birds (paper or otherwise) moving in with me.

The more pressing matter is that I have no idea what to wear.

photos from my Flickr


2 thoughts on “birds of a feather flocking together at Anthropologie

  1. I as well love these birds, they are so magnificent!!! I think I might try to make one of my own… I'll let you know how that goes. And you were invited to the anniversary is just as incredible!! As a studier of interior design, my big dream in life is to be a designer for the displays of Anthropologie. One day, hopefully.

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