L-0-V-E love

“L is for life. And what is life without love?… O is for ‘Oh wow!”…” (that’s from FRIENDS of course)

I l-o-v-e love Valentine’s Day. Well okay that’s not true. I couldn’t give a hoot about Valentine’s Day But I love love. There are a lot of people and things in my life that I love.

This year since Valentine’s Day fell on a Sunday I decided spend the day cooking up a feast for a friend who just had her fourth child so she could relax with her family. I found an amazing recipe for chicken with lentils (two of my faves) and it turned out so delicious! I’ll share the recipe later, but I promise you should make it too. I also made french rolls, caramelized corn with fresh mint, green salad and cupcakes made from scratch. And now I need a nap. I call it a feast since I’m not much of a dinner person and cooking for one is a LOT different than cooking for six.

This weekend was too busy for much else! What did you do this weekend?

photo by Jen Gotch


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