Chelsea’s sock

If you had this sock it would mean you were (are) friends with Chelsea and that would make you a very lucky person indeed! But since I am the one with the sock I must be the lucky one. And yes, she is the best best friend a girl could ask for.

In case you’re interested in why I have her sock I’ll tell you. I promise you it’s not exciting…so don’t say I didn’t warn you.

One day many years ago when Chelsea and I were living in Provo I went over to her house to do laundry. I have no idea why. I was probably out of quarters and she is just awesome like that. Somehow I wound up with this awesome black chinese writing sock. I think I found it when I moved back to CA. I told her I had it and I kept meaning to give it back to her… but 10 + years later I still have it. I’d mail it to her now but she’ll probably do something very practical with it… like throw it away.


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