i love her so

When you’re sick of pictures of my sweet Harlow just let me know. Actually maybe don’t because I’ll probably keep posting them anyway and you’d be mad at me.

So these pics… I was working on a bunch of stuff last night and all of sudden realized I hadn’t seen Harlow in awhile. I, of course, panic. She’s no where to be found. But then I go into my room and find her snoozing (with a T-shirt I’d left on the floor – yeah, I’m messy sometimes) in my big papasan chair. Of course, all my “aww”-ing and picture taking woke her up.

I think she thinks I’m crazy.

ps – I love her one black eye.


4 thoughts on “i love her so

  1. Oh she's adorable! Keep posting pictures of her as I'm trying and trying to persuade my boyfriend to get a dog and I need all the cute pictures I can find ;)

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