fave childhood movies

When Melanie of You Are My Fave posted about the movie Space Camp it got me thinking about my favorite movies from when I was growing up.

Who didn’t love Newsies? I mean, Christian Bale? Come on.

Oh I watched this movie over and over. Sonora was my hero.

But my favorite of favorites is, and always will be, Somewhere Tomorrow. Sarah Jessica Parker had crazy curly hair and what’s-his-name with his beautiful blue eyes. Plus a sweet little love story and singing. My pre-teen heart was in heaven.

What were your favorite movies growing up?


6 thoughts on “fave childhood movies

  1. OMG Wild Hearts Can't be Broken… that brings back memories!!I loved The Sandlot, all the Mighty Ducks movies, The Baby Sitters Club, Disney movies…

  2. Newsies LOVED that!!!! Twas a genius movie I loved Grease it was genius!!! Oh this has inspired me to have an oldies night. I also love White Christmas

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