happy endings and happy beginnings

Love floods us with hope.
Jareb Teague

If you don’t like cheesy posts filled with lots of love then this is not for you.

In 2002 I met 3 people that I quickly came to love with my whole heart. I was serving as a full time missionary for my church when I met Adalton and his two children Camila and Rodrigo. Just saying their names makes my heart swell up. I love them so.

Adalton, Camila and Rodrigo had come to Minnesota from Belo Horizonte, Brazil to make a life for themselves. Adalton’s wife was supposed to follow shortly after. But then 9/11 happened and getting a visa seemed impossible. Rodrigo was 11 years old and Camila was 15 years old. I can’t even imagine how hard it was on all of them to be separated for so long but they are so brave and strong. I love this picture of them but it should have fireworks and glitter and lights and hearts and awesome music coming from it. Then maybe you’d feel what I feel for them.

Yesterday, I got the sweetest news from Camila. After 9+ years of waiting, her mom has her visa. She’ll be here in a week. Perfect timing, especially since Camila is getting married in June. Here’s to answered prayers.

I cannot wait to see them again and meet their mother. My heart is so full right now it’s leaking out of my eyeballs. I cannot say enough how much they mean to me. And I just have to add how special and sweet Camila is. And even though she’s several years younger than me I admire her so much. Everyone loves her. It’s impossible not to.

Honestly, who cares about stolen bank cards and torrential rain when you have such wonderful news?


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