obsessed with giraffes


Why am I so smitten with giraffes? No idea, but I just love them. Maybe it’s their big, soft eyes or their pretty coloring. The pic below is of sweet Gemina that passed away a few years ago. Her neck is crooked but I’ve always loved her.

Here is some more giraffe-y goodness.
I NEED this… bad

photo credit

(where can I find this??)

tiny paperweight

wall art

cute tank

Do you have a favorite animal?


6 thoughts on “obsessed with giraffes

  1. Aw, I will never be able to look at giraffes the same way again… They really are beautiful!My favorite creature at the moment is the owl. I've become quite obsessed with owls lately, looking up cute jewelry and accessories on etsy. :)

  2. Oh I totally agree with you – giraffes are amazing! In fact I used the same Amanda Pratt photo on my blog the other day b/c I loved it so much too… great minds apparently think & blog alike ;)

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