Just a minute… in December

Reading… blogs, lots and lots of blogs. And also Pride and Prejudice.

Drinking… Lots of hot chocolate. Yum. And water. I don’t usually drink enough.

ListeningDevotchka… so good.

Wanting… to move into a new place… possibly in a new state.

Watching… Roman Holiday and Harvey. Isn’t Jimmy Stewart a genius?

Loving… New opportunities!

Promising… Nothing. (But trying for everything)

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5 thoughts on “Just a minute… in December

  1. I love Pride & Prejudice. One of my favorites. So classic. :) I also drink water. Maybe not enough, but at least I drink it and like it. I love Roman Holiday. Audrey Hepburn + Gregory Peck = Besttt! <3Well loved your list… So going to follow you on Twitter! :)

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