remember Paris?

Remember how I was totally obsessed with the idea of moving to Paris? I still am, I just try not to talk about it every second of the day so as not to appear totally nuts. But I cannot lie. My heart is out there roaming the streets of Paris while I sit at my desk in California.

Today I visited Haven in Paris and this little one bedroom flat made my heart pitter patter. So I decided to take my own little imaginary trip of Paris.

First how lovely to have a Truffled lunch.

And maybe have Sunday dinner with Jim. I’ve read about his dinners before and I love the idea.

Since apparently all I will want to do in Paris is eat I will stop at Du Pain et Des Idées and load up on baguettes and apple pastries and chocolate snails. (why not? it’s Paris!)

I’ve wanted to checked out St Ouen Flea Market ever since I read about it on a blog two years ago.

I also found this great guide to Paris flea markets. Amazing!

I always come back to Alicia’s beautiful photography when I need a Paris fix.

But I think Jen’s Paris polaroids are my favorites.

Ahhh there are so many things I want to do in Paris but I’ll save it for another post. I don’t want to appear too nuts. How did I do?

Maybe you should tell me what you love about Paris if you’ve been or why you want to go if you haven’t. I’d love to hear!

I guess for now I’ll settle for seeing Coco Before Chanel tonight.

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2 thoughts on “remember Paris?

  1. how was that movie? i wanted to see it but i heard it was so so. and that Paris flat…my heart actually ached that i couldn't move in right now. i definitely think a trip to paris is in order soon.

  2. I love Paris so much. I love the cafes, walking the random, tiny streets, finding little shops with beautiful things on every corner…cafe au lait, pain au chocolat, ratatouille, ile de saint-louis, saint suplice, every single little plaza, rue des arts…should I go on? like I said…everything. :)

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