puppy love

It’s in the air!

I’m not getting a puppy. I’m still completely smitten with the one I have. But it seems like everyone else I know is thinking about getting one and has asked my opinion. My response? DO IT!

Of course it is a responsibility but one with lots and lots of benefits. Take Harlow for example. She keeps me warm when she snuggles on my lap and looks ridiculously sweet when she sleeps. She is always happy to see me and she gets really excited about silly things like twigs and dryer sheets. I am proud when she eats her dinner and drinks lots of water and learns a new trick like “shake” or “roll over”. She is proud of me when I leave a sock on the floor or take her on an extra long walk or give her a tiny bit of cottage cheese with her puppy food.

When it comes to puppies I vote yes.


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