Notes Left Behind

I found this in The Daily Mail and was incredibly touched by this little girl’s story.

When Elena was only 5 years old she was diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer. During the 9 months that she fought the cancer she hid notes, hundreds of them, throught her parents home in Wyoming. She left them in cupboards, between the pages of books, in drawers, bags … everywhere.

Elena passed away in the summer of 2007, but her parents and her little sister Gracie have been finding the notes she left for them ever since. They currently have 3 large boxes full of them. She even left love notes for her favorite dog, Sally.

Some of the notes simply say, “I love you” and some have pictures. Many of the notes are for her little sister, Gracie, one of them reads, “I love you Gracie, Go Go.”

Her parents said that they don’t ever want to find the last note and so they each carry one unopened note from Elena in their briefcases.

I couldn’t read this story all the way through without my eyes filling with tears. Maybe because my own little sister is named Elena. Maybe just because no 5 year old (or anyone) should have to die from cancer.

Her parents have compiled a book, Notes Left Behind which is available at Amazon and all of the proceeds are going to the Cure Starts Now Cancer Foundation.

You can read more about Elena and her family at Notes Left Behind

all photos credited to Keith & Brooke Desserich


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