Just a Minute … October

Reading… The Paris Review Book for Planes, Trains, Elevators, and Waiting Rooms

Listening… to Priscilla Ahn… a lot

Keeping… a daily gratitude list. It’s been good for me

Sewing… I sewed a button back on

Watching… Nick & Nora’s Ultimate Playlist – I love it, my friend’s Blog TV show – Supercalifornialist, re-runs of Felicity, my puppy chase her tail

Trying… to downsize my possessions, to eat healthier, to learn French

Making… lots and lots of lists

Congratulating… my friend Chels for making the most gorgeous necklaces (I can’t wait to show you!) and for being the most amazing person.

Buying… Polaroid film, and one more Polaroid camera (I almost promise it’s the last one)

Loving… My friends in Utah who made my mini-break so fun

Wanting… to move somewhere exotic

Playing… along? If so, simply add yourself to the list

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3 thoughts on “Just a Minute … October

  1. Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist is a really sweet movie. And I've been watching a lot of Felicity re-runs too! Hahahaha. Oooh, I desperately need to buy some Polaroid film. My uncle just gave him is old Polaroid, and I need film asap!

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