a new week

Hello new week. Let’s make a deal, k? If you promise to be nothing like last week, I will promise to be nice, and cheerful all week long and not quit my job. Deal?

Instead of complaining I’m counting my blessings and there are a lot of them.

In just over two weeks I’m off to spend a few (much needed) days with friends in Utah. I’m excited to see Chelsea, and Billie, and Megan and other good friends.

I’ll also get to see Alyson and her brand new baby Rose.

I’m going to try to visit my Mission President. President and Sister Evans are probably the greatest people I know and just seeing their loving faces can make you feel better about the world in general.

Tonight we celebrated my Great Grandmother’s 95th birthday. I made two cakes and both were dee-lish if I do say so myself. But now I have cake leftovers staring me in the face. So if you want a sugar fix come and get some cake!

My cousin and his wife came to visit for the weekend.

And next weekend my other cousin is coming.

Harlow is still the world’s greatest dog.

There are two Trader Joe’s near my house.

I have a job that pays me and so I can buy the things I need.

I have the greatest Primary class to teach every Sunday.

It is finally sweater weater.

I have a roof over my head and a warm bed to sleep in.

I have no real reason not to be happy. I am happy.

I hope you’re happy too!

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