it’s in the bag

For some reason I really love it when people post photos of what they carry in their handbags. Maybe it’s because I’m really nosy, or maybe I just want to see if anyone else carries as much stuff as I do. Whatever the reason here are some of my favorites… I’ll even show you mine.

Bitter Lemons’ bog

Manda’s bag

Xtinebaya’s bag

Sofia’s bag

Susannah’s bag

Bitter Lemons’ bag again

… you can see my bag right here. I was traveling light today.

What’s in your bag?


4 thoughts on “it’s in the bag

  1. Yeah, like I'm going to take a picture of diapers, wipes, baby toys, a wallet, chapstick, random receipts, baby snacks, and a book so you can giggle at me. Shoot I just told you everything…

  2. ahh, i switch out bags so much, so I never really have a constant item that's in my bag. lol. i'll have to post a pic once the items become more regular :P

  3. My camera's broken, so can't post it, but:
    wallet, keys, cell phone, book, ipod, small notebook, larger notebook, pens, earrings, eyeliner, bobby pins, hair ties, flipflops.

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