oh weekend

I managed to get to work JUST in time this morning. I did not manage however, to throw on anything other than sweats and a cardigan. Whoops.

It turns out I do have some finds to share with you after all, so here you go:

This weekend is General Conference. It’s a very special weekend where we get together to listen to our Church leaders give guidance and counsel. I love my faith.

I finally bought these darling Polaroid note cards. I can’t wait to send them but I will keep a few for myself I’m sure.

And I discovered this lovely blog. Jenny is one of the contributers for the Polaroid note cards. (found via Joanna)

A great idea: using tie clips to display Polaroids.

This tumblr site has a great collection of Paris photos, quotes and videos.

Even though reading Anne’s blog takes a little time and effort on my part (since my French is SO bad), looking at her gorgeous photography is easy peasy.

The most beautiful mini pies ever.

Lisa has a beautiful, and FREE October calander for you.

Lonny has launched! The void that Domino folding created is being filled.

I’m super excited for Design Sponge’s book!

Lovely liquid Polaroids

Who knew I’d fall in love with ceramic cheese markers?

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