happiness is

1. A little girl in my Primary class drawing me a picture and writing me that have “a pretty smile and a great ha ha” … and then explained that she didn’t know how to spell the word laugh.

2. Making progress.

3. Going to Utah next month. Can you say Cafe Rio? Oh, and friends. ♥

4. Talking to Tara on her 8th birthday.

5. Getting frozen yogurt with friends.

6. Finishing reading Les Miserables… so satisfying.

7. Finally being able to send picture messages from my iPhone.

8. Finding this bedding at Anthropologie for 83% off.

9. Finding a dry dog food that Harlow will eat. I’m so proud of her.

10. Going on a cleaning spree and having everything shiny and sweet-smelling.

11. Ordering more chocolate film in hopeful anticipation of my Holgaroid arriving.


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