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If you Google my hometown of Los Olivos, CA, you will get results like lists of wineries, the movie Sideways, Neverland Ranch, horse ranches, Michael Jackson, various art galleries and alpacas… and yes, we have all of those things. But the other night, after leaving my mom’s I decided to walk Harlow around town. Everything was closed up except the one restaurant and the little market (it was 5:30 after all). Perfect and peaceful. As I looked around I was struck by how beautiful and sweet Los Olivos is and how lucky I was to have been raised there.

I’ll take you on a little tour…

The first photo above is of the Los Olivos Garage. Ten or so years ago it was actually a garage. Now it is part shop, part sandwich place and part wine tasting room. If you’ve ever seen the movie Return to Mayberry it was the G&G Garage. (PS – If you have seen the movie you’ll see my friends and I in the classroom scenes.)

Our little Post Office. Complete with a little bocce ball court that was just put in next door.

This building is newly the Saarloos wine tasting room and even though I don’t drink, I do think it is pretty charming. But the reason I included this photo is that before it was a wine tasting room it was a day spa. And before it was a spa or tasting room though it was my Dr’s office. Obviously it was originally a house. Even as a Dr’s office it still felt like one. It had big, white comfy chairs in the waiting/living room and bookshelves full to the brim of books for the young and old, and a tiny little rose garden in the back. When Dr. Lou Netzer left to start The Rio Beni Health Care Project in Bolivia the building was sold. Sadly Dr. Netzer passed away in 2003.
This building has been around for as long as I can remember. I think it’s always been a wine tasting room. It was also where Santa came each year for us to sit on his lap.

Tucked behind these crazy shrubs is the public library – one of my favorite places as a child. You can fit maybe 3 people inside.

This little store is now the Judith Hale Gallery. It was originally a grocery store and then an ice cream parlor and for a little while it was a book store. When I was growing up is was Mrs Lacey’s. Okay, so I can’t exactly remember what Mrs. Lacey’s store was but I do remember Mrs. Lacey. She was my friend’s grandmother and the nicest lady with the warmest smile.

There is no lack of flowers in Los Olivos.

Another wine tasting room but it used to be my friend’s house. Minus the giant fish.

J. Woeste’s is an amazing garden shop. I love, love, love the giant wind chimes. They sound amazing. The nicest thing about J. Woeste’s is that they are very pet friendly. Harlow goes there for play dates I go there for great planters.

It was such a beautiful day.

I hope you enjoyed a look at my town. Thanks for indulging me in a little stroll down memory lane.


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