Haven in Paris

So this morning I was taking a little break from spreadsheet hell and was look at Joanna’s gorgeous honeymoon photos when I noticed one of her sponsors was Haven in Paris. They have some gorgeous properties in Paris, Provence, and Tuscany at variety of price points.

I’d happily spend a week or two in this little studio:

And there’s always this amazing place in Provence:

Seriously though, I’m very excited about the studio. I got all heart-fluttery excited this morning. Want to come with me?

If anyone has any other suggestions for apartment rentals I’d love to hear them!


all photos property of Haven in Paris


5 thoughts on “Haven in Paris

  1. Yes, yes, I would like to come with! How darling are those spaces? PS Thank you for retweeting my post this morning:) I am all loved up on that Twitter…could be a bad thing!!

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