have a great weekend

This was the best thing I’ve read for all week. Don’t you love Erin?

Candyland celebrates it’s 60th birthday with a life-size game in San Fransisco.

SX-70… the magic camera

Possibly the creepiest thing ever… found when searching “jeans”.

An adorable video about naming a baby

Check out the Taz Polaroid camera

A new fave on Flickr

Ethan laughing… I posted it awhile ago but I still love it.

Have a lovely weekend!

photo source: unknown


One thought on “have a great weekend

  1. Hey. I would like to host a giveaway on The English Muse. I spoke to Pugglyfeet about doing it. She is too busy with school this week to handle it. Do you think you can help me out? If so, shoot me an email please, (LouDuk(at)gmail.com) Thanks so much!

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