totally possible

photo property of rebecca pepperell

“Don’t undertake a project unless it’s manifestly important and nearly impossible.”
Edwin Land

(inventor of Polaroid film)

The Impossible Project is getting closer to becoming a very possible one. I think this is an amazing undertaking and I get more and more excited about it everyday. You can check the site for updates. As of right now the project has 11,561,717 seconds remaining. Seconds-wise that seems quick.

So what is The Impossible Project?

Basically, after Polaroid announced that it would stop the production of instant film (so sad!), The Impossible Project bought up all of all of Polaroids dead stock along with the machinery and equipment at Polaroid’s Netherlands factory. (so happy!) The plan is to re-start the production of analog instant film in 2010

photos of the factory in Enschede (NL)

photos of the Polaroid equipment at the factory

And now Urban Outfitters is teaming up with the The Impossible Project to make sure the remaining Polaroid Stock doesn’t go unloved.

There is so much work going on and there are lots of ways you can show your support… 2010 is not that far away and it’s totally possible!

Factory and equipment photos from the The Impossible Project website– used with permission.


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