the english muse

I was invited by Tina to guest blog over at
The English Muse
so I thought I’d share some pretty polaroids from my
one of my favorite new photographers: Rebecca Pepperell.

(photo by Rebecca and used with her permission)


5 thoughts on “the english muse

  1. Thanks Vanessa, it's funny how many people have picked up on this photo, it was just a test shot I did when playing with image transfers.

    Clare – the pinwheel came from Sainsbury's, if you're in the UK they may have some left in the seasonal isle.

  2. Hi Rebecca, I'm in the US so no chance of me doing any UK shopping :) Was wondering if I could make one of those pinwheels – I've been searching the Internet for directions but no luck. Maybe I'll find a similar one somewhere and dismantle it. Thanks for responding!

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