feedback please

In order to make my little blog home a little cozier and prettier I’ve been playing with the layout of my blog and I need some help.

Are you having to scroll to the right to see the full screen?

Does the font for the “about me” section on the right look different than the rest? Does it look squished?
(I’ve looked in different browsers and can’t tell anymore)

Any suggestions or feedback in general? I know I need a new header but am currently without photoshop.

Anyway please be honest (but be nice too k?)

Thanks very much in advance.

photo by Jen Gotch


4 thoughts on “feedback please

  1. Everything looks lovely to me (I'm viewing in Opera). It looks like your blog is divided into 3 columns, so there is no full-screen view, and therefore no scrolling.p.s. Have you ever tried Picnic for simple photo editing? You can do it online.

  2. I don't even know what this post said. Everything seems to be in chinese, and blury, plus there are tons of noodles and rice splotches everywhere.

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