Inspired by Emily’s post here are a few of mine:

I like to drink milk with pizza and Mexican food.
I don’t like anything that makes your feet look like hands (i.e. toe socks).
I have very specific soda preferences:
out of a can = Pepsi, from the fountain = Coke.
When I’m really sleepy I get cold.
Watching anything with Keanu Reeves causes rage blackouts (okay, not really but close). Even thinking about watching something with him makes me crazy. Sorry Keanu…
It drives me crazy when people use “oh” as a number. It’s a LETTER… Zero is a number.
The overuse of quotation marks drives me bonkers.
No matter how much stationary or how many pens I have I will always buy more.
I name things – my car, my TV, my toaster…
(note: I don’t talk to the things I name I promise.)
I can’t look at people who put their fingers on their face/ in their mouth (nail biting etc.)
I love the feel of cold water on my hands.
If I am drinking something hot I have to have something cold to drink in between sips.
I can only drink water when it’s ice cold.
When I’m alone in the car I sing the songs from “Annie” at the top of my lungs… and after being in the show I know them all.
After reading Sarah Palin’s resignation speech I’m even more uptight about good grammar and punctuation.
Sometimes I will still read a children’s book
(right now it’s The BFG.)

What are some of yours?

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5 thoughts on “quirks

  1. Sorry I bite my nails and have horrible grammar. :( Can we still be friends? Just saw Annie at Tuachan last night love it and I can't get the songs out of my head today.

  2. I love my quirky friends. Just so you know… it's MY bad grammar/punctuation that drives me crazy.As far as the biting nails… I can't help it. I had a friend once that was constantly chewing on her nails and a callus on her finger. Her fingers were ALWAYS in her mouth. Constantly… Blech. I didn't mean to offend anyone. xoxo

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