Here, you take it

You’re probably better with money than I am anyway. I promise this isn’t Paris related. (well at least not directly) But guys, I have a problem. I like to shop. A lot. A really, really lot. If you know me even a little bit this is not really a surprise. But I have done really good lately. The problem is I do really good for awhile and then reward myself by spending money. What am I? 15?

In my own defense it’s not like I’m going out and buying cars or $400 shoes every day but the little things add up too. Oh and also (just in case you are thinking less of me) – I do not believe in credit card debt and I don’t spend more than I have. It’s just that sometimes I spend more than I should. You know?

So what are your tips and tricks for saving money?

Photo credit: Jen Gotch


3 thoughts on “Here, you take it

  1. vanessa, i know exactly what you mean- you need to reward yourself for not spending by spending! at least you're not getting yourself into debt for it- go for it!!

  2. Oooh…I have the same problem. I'm not so good in that department though, since moving out of NYC, I've been forced to be more frugal because it seems like every last cent goes toward fixing up the house in some way. Here's a good rule…if you love love love it, walk away from it. Then, if two days later you're still dream-dream-dreaming of it, go back and reconsider.xo

  3. I do the exact same thing. After leaving my job to do freelance work, I realized I needed to start saving the money rather than rewarding myself with shopping. I started having withdrawals at first but whenever I have the urge to pamper myself with a shopping trip I look at my saving balance online and get so happy and proud that I have saved so much money for something more important than a simple shopping trip.

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