just thinking

On Sunday my sweet, patient home teacher asked me where, once all my family stuff has settled, I would want to live. “If you could be anywhere in the world right now where would you want to be living?”

It’s Monday night and it’s been on my mind constantly and I just don’t know. Part of me wants to move to LA, part of me wants to go back to Utah, part of me wants to go back to the UK, part of me wants to just pick somewhere new and go.

I’m still thinking.

photo: via thespianmuse


3 thoughts on “just thinking

  1. I've been asking myself this same question. I need a new start, I want to try somewhere new. I could imagine living overseas, one day I'd love to… I'm thinking of trying to sell my house next year, move back to Spokane for a year to save money and spend time with family and then move to the Portland area.

    Wouldn't it be nice if we could live a little bit of everywhere we imagine? And you know what? We can.


  2. You are so brave! I am just stressing about selling my house and where to go… I guess I am excited too. I just don't want to move in next doors to a pervert or something.

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