good one AT&T… good one

Do you see where it says I used 2331 texts out of 200? I send maybe 20 text a month… if that. But the weird thing is is that these are all (with the exception of about 20) received texts. Wouldn’t you think I noticed if my incoming texts quadrupled times ten?? Who are all these people texting me and why am I not getting them?! What you don’t see is that my total bill for ONE MONTH is $317.82.


Oh yeah, and my bill is due today. I always pay it at the last minute (but never late) and I never look at my bill because it’s always exactly the same each month and has been since I got my contract. So I call and talk to a nice sounding girl named Kristin or Christine or something. She asks me to wait while she gets into her system. Fine. No biggie. I’m cool, I’m calm… I can be patient. During the next few minutes she checks back a few times and apologizes for the wait. No problemo. I’m easy like a Sunday morning. Twenty minutes later my patience is fading. I keep telling myself that it’s not her fault and getting upset won’t do either of us any good. But all we get accomplished is having someone else call me back within 72 hours and her promising that this won’t make my bill overdue… So basically I was on the phone for 47 minutes and nothing was accomplished.

But I didn’t yell or cry. (Does that make me sound like a baby? Well, when I get frustrated I cry… that’s just how I roll.)

So is AT&T in the habit of playing jokes on their customers? Cause if they are this is a good one!


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