Harlow’s Faves

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a Harlow post … which has taken quite a bit of self control because she’s the cutest/silliest/sweetest dog ever and I’m pretty much obsessed with her.

Besides all living creatures Harlow has 3 great loves in her life. They are:

1. My socks. Either on or off my feet she just can’t get enough of them. If she manages to get ahold of one of mine she never chews it up, she just carries it around with her…. all day. She’ll even take it to bed with her if I let her. I promise I rarely let her. She loves clean and dirty socks equally.

2. Dryer sheets. She looooves it when I come in with a basket of laundry to fold. She wiggles from head to toe and does everything in her power to get the dryer sheet out of the basket. It is the only thing that she will ignore the “leave it” command for. She just can’t help herself. People try to tell me she likes them so much because the smell reminds her of me. But if she had to choose between me and the dryer sheet I don’t think I’d stand a chance.

3. That twig. Not just any twig but that specific one. She’s had it for months. She plays with it both inside and outside and has had it for at least 6 months without losing it. It must have just the right texture or something. If it was sharp I’d take it away from her because I would hate for her to poke her eye out… again. I have stopped buying her toys since her and Twig are so happy together.

See? She’s pretty much the cutest dog ever. My favorite thing about her (well one of) is that she loves everyone. She has no fear of people or other animals and wants to be everyone’s friend. She’s got a lot of love to give.


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