victory is sweet, even in the cheap seats

Today I got this email on Flickr:

“I am writing to let you know that your photos have been short-listed for inclusion in the seventh edition of our London Guide, to be published late June 2009… (blah blah blah)

Best regards,

Emma Williams,
Managing Editor, Schmap Guides”

Excuse me, what?

So it’s not a Nobel prize or anything but it’s still kinda cool. Maybe this is the motivation I need to get my rear in gear with photography. Anyway, Schmap is an online guide of London and while I wouldn’t receive any compensation the photos would link directly back to my Flickr account. Yes, I should definitely start taking more pictures.

Oh and they are Polaroids. Sweet.


One thought on “victory is sweet, even in the cheap seats

  1. awesome! congrats! hopefully i’ll have a polaroid or holga camera for my trip to london. mostly leaning towards a holga :)

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